The City of London

The City of London

 City of London priorities 

As the centre of the UK’s financial and related public service industry the City of London is key.  The City of London Corporation plays a vital role in many areas of both London and national business, cultural and social life.  With the current Brexit negotiations we are living in uncertain times, yet we have the opportunity to capitalise on new trade and business opportunities across Europe and the world. 
Youth unemployment in the City is nearly four times the overall national rate and social mobility is a key issue.  Space (or growing lack of) is a growing concern as by 2030 it is predicted that the working population within the Square Mile will have increased from the current 400,000 to over 500,000 employees, which will impact areas such as planning, transport, ‘lack of space’ and air quality.  I would work as part of the Lord Mayor’s team to convey the City’s message, to raise awareness of these issues and do what I can to improve social mobility, housing, and education as priority areas.

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Relevance of the Livery

There is great uncertainty surrounding Brexit, and the Civic Team work closely with the City of London Corporation to promote our financial, business and professional services, and to ensure a clear and positive message is relayed to business. The liaison between the Mayoralty and the Sheriffs, and the Livery Companies is vital, and I believe that my energy, drive, and strengths as a team player will be very positive benefits.

The Livery movement is the largest philanthropic system in Europe, and very much a force for good. The work being done by the Livery and its charities is tremendous, both in terms of financial giving as well as 'pro bono' work. This is an extremely positive message, and we need to encourage more such activity both within the Livery, and by those who work in the Square Mile, and beyond, through initiatives such as City Giving Day.

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The Role of Sheriff

First recorded in the 7th Century, the post of Sheriff is the oldest secular role in the UK, after the monarch. Whilst collection of taxes is thankfully no longer the responsibility of the Sheriffs, the role remains one of linking closely with the City of London Corporation, Her Majesty’s Judges at the Old Bailey, and the Livery companies. The Central Criminal Court (the Old Bailey), is owned and managed by the City of London, and English rule of law is a key strength in the location of foreign business in the Square Mile, and promoting the vital financial, business and professional services of the City of London is key to the role of Sheriff.
The key responsibilities of the Non-Aldermanic Sheriff are to :
  • Work closely with the Aldermanic Sheriff 
  • Liaise with the City of London Corporation and Mansion House
  • Support the Lord Mayor of the City of London at home and abroad, and promote the City’s business and charitable programme
  • “Look after the comfort” of Her Majesty’s Judges at the Old Bailey, by hosting lunches for the judges and guests
  • Promote the Livery and increase awareness of their philanthropic giving, both through time and financial support
  • Host and attend events to raise awareness of the Lord Mayor's business programme, the Lord Mayor’s Appeal, and the Sheriffs’ and Recorder’s Fund and other charitable initiatives
  • Keep the Livery up to date on the activities of the Mayoralty and progress in key areas
  • Liaise with the Recorder and host events the Old Bailey when possible to promote business and charitable endeavours
  • Speak on behalf of the Lord Mayor at functions or in the Sheriff’s own right
  • Attend Common Hall and take charge of, and conduct, the business of Common Hall in the absence of the Lord Mayor
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