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My candidacy for non-Aldermanic Sheriff is founded on my wholehearted support of the Livery, the Lord Mayor and the City of London.  If elected to the ancient role of Sheriff, I would very much welcome the opportunity to further highlight the excellent work carried out by all Livery Companies in increasing outreach, improving lives and making the City relevant to all.  I pledge my full commitment, energy and skills to supporting the Livery movement, the Lord Mayor, the Shrieval team and HM Judges.

I ask for your support of my candidacy for Sheriff

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By Liz Green 20 Jan, 2018
19 Jan - before the Court Meeting members of Court welcomed those who were joining as Freemen over a sandwich lunch.   The Court Meeting had a very full agenda and took longer than usual - thankfully our Clerk had everything well organised, and we were able to move seamlessly (or so it seemed to us!) into the Dinner.  The Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP was the guest speaker, and we welcomed a number of Masters and Consorts.  Margaret Watson played beautifully for us on her harp - a range of music, including some not normally associated with the harp.  A bursary award was presented to one of our students who studied at Heriot Watt, and awards were made to two members of E Squadron, the Leicestershire and Derbyshire division of the Royal Yeomanry, with whom we have an affiliation.  This was the last Dinner for our Master to preside over before the Installation Dinner in April.  
By Liz Green 20 Jan, 2018
18 Jan - Peter and I were delighted to join the Upholders' for their January Court Dinner.  We have never been to Brewers' Hall and it was lovely to dine there.  Another 'first' for us was tasting Organic Chocolate Stout, which was better than I had anticipated!  Paul Herbage was the guest speaker, and the Master and her Consort, as well as other members of the Upholders' were very welcoming.
By Liz Green 20 Jan, 2018
17 Jan - The Farmers' have a much larger membership than the Framework Knitters', and Stationers' Hall had as many people there as I can remember.  We enjoyed a fabulous evening with a Carpet Guard provided by the Middlesex Wing Air Training Corps and music by The London Banqueting Ensemble (one can never tire of the Post Horn Gallop!).  During the Loving Cup there was hearty singing of The Farmer's Boy - always popular and we had to sing the whole song twice - great fun with everyone joining in.
By Liz Green 12 Jan, 2018
12 Jan - St Michael Cornhill was packed for the City New Year Service.  We listened to readings by the Lord Mayor and The Governor of the Bank of England, and then heard a very relevant and thought provoking Sermon by The Rev'd Charlie Skrine.  Whilst not quite the first event of the New Year it was a wonderful service with hearty singing and an excellent choir - a very good 'almost beginning' to 2018!  
By Liz Green 12 Jan, 2018
11 Jan - it was very interesting to attend another meeting of Common Council, and a bonus that the Lord Mayor was there, and outlined his recent trip to Saudi and the UAE, which included 32 meetings in 4 days!  A wide variety of topics was discussed by members, ranging from the cleaning of Mansion House, to the aim of having a plastic free City, one of the bridges, and updating standards for members.
By Liz Green 10 Jan, 2018
9 Jan - it was lovely to be back in the City and fifty-one Masters/Prime Wardens/Upper Bailiff were present at Plaisterers' Hall, together with their Clerks, as well as a good number of Plaisterers'.  We enjoyed some excellent singing by Apollo5 who are local to the Hall, as well as very good speeches, with the Prime Warden of the Goldsmiths' responding on behalf of the guests.  
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"I am delighted to be part of Liz’s campaign team – Liz is totally committed to the Livery, the City and developing the wider charity and outreach. As part of three pan livery groups Liz is forward thinking, and understands the importance of this initiative. Her energy and people skills would be a great asset to the Shrievalty."
Chris Hayward
CC and Past Master Pattenmaker
“Liz is extremely personable, engaging and energetic, a team player and a doer. Committed to the ideals of the Livery and the Civic City, she has all the attributes required of a non-Aldermanic Sheriff. I strongly commend Liz Green to you, and encourage you to support her election campaign.”

Dr Christine Rigden
Campaign Chairman and Past Sheriff

"We met at many functions over the year and Liz’s commitment to the City and the Livery movement is unquestioned – she would be a great ambassador and support to the Lord Mayor."

Janek Wichtowski
Master, Worshipful Company of Cutlers 2016-2017

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