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My candidacy for non-Aldermanic Sheriff is founded on my wholehearted support of the Livery, the Lord Mayor and the City of London.  If elected to the ancient role of Sheriff, I would very much welcome the opportunity to further highlight the excellent work carried out by all Livery Companies in increasing outreach, improving lives and making the City relevant to all.  I pledge my full commitment, energy and skills to supporting the Livery movement, the Lord Mayor, the Shrieval team and HM Judges.

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By Peter Green 20 Nov, 2017
Alderman Peter Estlin is President of Coleman St Ward Club and he gave an entertaining speech.  In the evening I attended the launch of the Lord Mayor's Appeal at which the Lord Mayor, together with Aldermen Peter Estlin and William Russell spoke about their chosen charities.  We then went into the Egyptian Hall where there were a series of screens around the room, together with raised dais from which speakers talked about their experiences.  The videos and speeches were extremely powerful, and I came away feeling that we must do all we can to support their charities (Samaritans, Place2Be and OnSide Youth Zones) over the next three years.
By Peter Green 18 Nov, 2017
17 Nov - members of the FWK panel interviewed students from the LCF (based in Shepherd's Bush).  Over 50 students are being interviewed across the UK this year, and once again the standard is very high.  Inspiration for the students' final degree show is very different and highly imaginative.  From SB I headed to the City and enjoyed a wonderful evening with the WC Coopers' at Mansion House with the full Mayoral and Shrieval team in attendance.  Music was provided by The Band and Choir of The Coopers' Company and Coborn School, with fanfares by The Militaire Fanfare Trumpets.  A first for me was singing three rousing hymns during the meal, and everyone joined in enthusiastically!

By Peter Green 16 Nov, 2017
16 Nov - I was not sure what to expect having memories of pretty rough red wine with the BN run more years ago than I care to admit!  However, we were served a red, a white and a rose wine, and all three were far better than anticipated.  We had a very interesting talk about the making of BN and enjoyed a substantial brunch after tasting the wines.  
By Peter Green 16 Nov, 2017
15 Nov - Innholders' Hall was the venue for the Cooks' Dinner.  They are one of the smaller companies and all are allied in some way to catering.  The Crowning Ceremony dates back from at least the sixteenth century, and during the Dinner the new Master, Mark Grove, and Wardens were 'crowned' (no photo of this but the crowns were impressive).  
By Peter Green 14 Nov, 2017
14 Nov - the interview today was at Bucks New University, which is not too far from where we live.   Fascinating to hear of our interviewees plans, and good to hear some of our experienced panel offering advice, which was appreciated.  From there I headed into London for a Pan Livery meeting where thoughts were discussed for greater collaboration between companies, among other initiatives.
By Peter Green 14 Nov, 2017
13 Nov - an early start as part of the panel for the FWK Bursary and Award interviews.  We were at Kingston College of Art all day seeing students portfolios and hearing their plans for their final degree shows, which was very exiting and inspiring.  From there I headed to Guildhall as I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend the Lord Mayor's Banquet - a first and one of those truly surreal evenings.  We heard from the Prime Minister, the Archbishop of Canterbury the Lord Mayor and the Past Lord Mayor, and it was very special to have the State Trumpeters there, as well as the Pikemen and Musketeers. 
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"I am delighted to be part of Liz’s campaign team – Liz is totally committed to the Livery, the City and developing the wider charity and outreach. As part of three pan livery groups Liz is forward thinking, and understands the importance of this initiative. Her energy and people skills would be a great asset to the Shrievalty."
Chris Hayward
CC and Past Master Pattenmaker
“Liz is extremely personable, engaging and energetic, a team player and a doer. Committed to the ideals of the Livery and the Civic City, she has all the attributes required of a non-Aldermanic Sheriff. I strongly commend Liz Green to you, and encourage you to support her election campaign.”

Dr Christine Rigden
Campaign Chairman and Past Sheriff

"We met at many functions over the year and Liz’s commitment to the City and the Livery movement is unquestioned – she would be a great ambassador and support to the Lord Mayor."

Janek Wichtowski
Master, Worshipful Company of Cutlers 2016-2017

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